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13 Comments on Windows XP Run Command Prompt List (150+ Codes)

  1. let me guess… you use music make jam xD

  2. it doesn't work at all

  3. Your video doesn't work I just tried a few of these commands…. the only command that now works is wpa2./3{

  4. Check it out!

  5. really great work…

  6. and i like it, than the win 7 favourite error "Windows is not compatible with this whatever. The problem could be that the software is OUTDATED" my fuck -.-" FUCK win 7, FUCK Vista, XP forever!

  7. U living in the dark ages.

  8. @megvagyimmartizenyol lol, soz, 4got the winver command xD

    Version: 5.1 (build: 2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519: service pack 2)
    so why doesnt 50% of these commands work? any idea? 😀

  9. lol 50% of these doesnt work 😉 (windows xp – blade edition 2003)

  10. im trying to type adb devices on my xp but it dont work. but when i do it on win 7 it works can tell me what to type in bcuz im trying to use this command for my phone

  11. can someone tell mewere to type in code

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