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Windows xp speed up guide

This is an introduction video from explaining how to speed up windows xp’s startup time and general running speed. It teaches the basics of using the msconfig menu to disable unneeded startup programs and gives tips on how to increase the speed of windows XP. This is a perfect place to start your windows xp tuning!

7 Comments on Windows xp speed up guide

  1. We can speed up Windows XP by:

    Computer slow?

    — clean system junk
    — optimize computer services
    — repair registry
    — defrag registry
    — clear browsers junk

    You can do all this using some reliable software such as PC Fresher


  2. i have used reg in out registry cleaner it has speed my xp
    very gud tool

  3. U can also use reginout to speed up ur pc

  4. "I have no idea what these are" 😀 😀 😀
    "This doesn't look important" LoLz

  5. i have this problem whenever i try to scroll up or down it cant go up and down smoothly but like stuck but still i can scroll up or down just that its like a slow refresh rate.,,.. any help?

  6. haha brilliant – more coming soon, infact probably tonight. Can you tell me what else you would like to see?

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