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Windows XP Startup Sound Easy – Piano Tutorial

Windows XP Nostalgia!!

36 Comments on Windows XP Startup Sound Easy – Piano Tutorial

  1. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a strings sound on a normal grand piano

  2. This is more popular than me :’)

  3. Why i see this?

  4. syas tutorial

    doesnt even give a tutorial

  5. Lmao I learned it xddddd

  6. i even cant play THIS ;-;

  7. какого фига так коротко

  8. 666 like

    just kidding XD

  9. How did I just come across this?

  10. I want to do this for talent show

  11. I'm ready to start practise this very hard music! I'm from poland XD


  13. Where's the ear rape?

  14. this is really hard man, I don't know if I could do this

  15. can you make a slower version

  16. What is that program?

  17. this should be the sound for windows XP2

  18. omg so hard how can i play this??

  19. You're uh…missing a note…or two…

  20. ????????????????????????????????

  21. Synthesia that one piano

  22. makes windows start up video

    has mac os profile picture

  23. am gonna make sick trap wit this

  24. G sharp should be a octave higher

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