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Windows XP – Step By Step Install

Install Windows XP SP2 through a step by Step procedure as guided by Guruprasad Balaji. This will help you to first learn and the execute the same on a practical installation or deployment environment. Ask for Microsoft’s Genuine Products Only.
[This Video was created in the year 2007.]

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  1. Thanks man, you are helpful. Friends if you need windows xp product keys, you can go to have a look.

  2. how to create /d ?back i detele /c /d how to add partition 2 /d help

  3. it is very heplful 

  4. Security ratio: FAT32:NTFS is A:99. All hard drives over 32 GB must use the NTFS file system. I think the Royale theme is great! I recommend Luna, and I will make a copy of your theme. Some Time Zones don't have Daylight saving changes – especially some areas. The strange setup information has no good spelling, setup pages and time sequences. The actual settings should be according to setup.exe. Registered to: Guruprasad Company: Home, Product Key: VYKFM-8WQD3-PQC2R-MB9YV-X3JFG, Computer name: BK6456?, Admin password: $password
    Note: This is not a Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 version. It is a version prior to Service Pack 2. GMT-8 is first. India, Mumbai (GMT+05:30) has no daylight saving changes. This Product Key is not genuine.

  5. I saw your Windows XP Product Key!


  7. Where can I get that simulator so I can make a tutorial?

  8. hopefully useful for our practicals…..

  9. I have a question, every time I try to install Windows XP on my computer, it gets hung up on the "Setup is starting Windows" part. What do I do? And what is the issue?

  10. Hi,i have a question,pls answer quickly as possible.First:Could i change windows 7 to windows xp?Second:Windows 7 really lags me,and my computer is made for xp,i inserted the disk into the cdrom,but it wont give me the install Windows XP option,pls make a video for that,it will really help me.Mi Ta 😀

  11. i know hindi,marathi,urdu,arabic,gujrati,English heeeeee !

  12. Thanks for the humble reply 🙂

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