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20 Comments on Windows XP Super Fast Boot- Real

  1. Login time 1.5seconds on a core 2 duo 6420. Get real dude. I dont even see the log in. The sound is still playing while my skype is opening.

  2. Oh please… Open msconfig, enable development/debugging startup and your single core 256mb computer will be sailing well past a modern 8 core Xeon… My old XP pro which I now use as a fileserver and backup machine goes from BIOS to desktop in about 15 seconds.

  3. According to the Microsoft website: The StartupDelay entry controls the time delay after a system startup before Indexing Service, an automatic system service, starts any scanning or indexing work. So basically changing this value has nothing to do with decreasing the time to startup xp. This makes sense because the initial value for StartupDelay is 480000 (8 minutes). We do not have to wait 8 minutes to complete the boot, do we!

    ALSO Indexing service and windows search is bullshit and you need to disable it.

  4. My laptop use to start up in like 25 seconds and now its like 50, anybody have any ideas on how to make it boot up like it used to?

  5. Idiot, Calling people "Noob" is pathetic, Grow up… If you have sold state drive it would boot faster then windows 8.

  6. You noob this is virtual box xD : D reaaaalll xp boot waaaow im fucking happened i can do this easly …xD try to make this whit no virtual box dude ..:)

  7. It isn't fully booted before you can click a desktop icon and get direct response. You made a pause in when you got to the login screen. The icons where loading in the background

  8. You are using a virtual machine..and saying " i made it faster "

  9. Its virtual machine and he`s launching it right after shut downing it (memory isn`t cleaned yet)

  10. you sound like a young mclovin 🙂

  11. Well I made My Core 2 Quad 2.4ghz 4 GB of ram to boot up in 5.9 sec
    Beat you!!!

  12. I made my windows XP boot in less than 6 seconds from Bios to desktop. I have a 4GHz Phenom II X4 955 and 6 GB of ram. 😛 Anyone feel free to challenge me.

  13. if only work the sound in comuter my pc login in 2 seconds!

  14. @HoneycombAgent There may be a lot of litter in autostart and services. Consider cleaning up the whole system – every uninstalled application leaves something in the system registry, look up the internet for the proper way to do it. The shown result is absolutely normal, unless you have a very slow HDD. But I don't know if it's "fast". I run Arch Linux on Asus Eee 901 netbook, and it boots within 7 seconds from power button to desktop (some 4 seconds from bootloader to login screen)

  15. Mine is well faster and i am not using virtual pc either. i am running on a intel dual core 3.00 GHZ Processer with 4gb 🙂

  16. i fu*&%$ up my computer trying this and it doesnot work


  18. use vmware workstation instead.
    you can make windows vista and 7 aero effects work and its as fast as your real pc if you configure it right.

  19. "I think" and "something like that"?

  20. This is pretty average boot time for a virtual machine. Booting up is fast because no actual physical hardware is being initialized therefore all hardware inits immediately. The registry change indicated has nothing to do with bootup delays at all. It is used to prevent the Indexing Service from building the catalog immediately on startup because this would reduce startup times by making the disk busy while AV and startup programs are launching. Changing this setting will increase boot time!

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