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Windows XP Theme For Windows 7

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if you need any help just let me know with a comment or video response and i’ll reply as soon as possible

UX theme patcher:

Download theme file:

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20 Comments on Windows XP Theme For Windows 7

  1. Your video intro sucks

  2. what them patcher do? any help?

  3. i put xp start button and it works out even more

  4. just fyi you can download the old pinball game from xp to 7 now that will really take you back!

  5. How do you record your videos?

  6. Thank you man! nice video!

  7. Okay, so i used this theme to replace the horrible windows basic theme, until i get aero working again. 

  8. You suck be cause, you don't even know were the mother fucking caps are so there for my friend Learn to spell in none caps or still off the Internet……..

  9. No..You Failed…Because you either didn't do it right. Or just a Idiot.


  11. Helped me a lot! Thanks!

  12. I get this theme tnx bro 😀

  13. you can UXTheme Multi-Patcher, I had the same problem on universal theme

  14. My one is a classic windows. but i want it XP style.

  15. cum ai facut aia sa iti apara verdele ala la mouse?

  16. Set on settings of down panel little's icons!
    Like this comment

  17. thank man its awesome 🙂

  18. why not just get windows xp mode from microsoft it dosent even risk your computer

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