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Windows XP TIP – Create a Suspend Shortcut

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In 60 seconds you can create a shortcut for Suspending (Standby Sleep mode) Your PC running Windows XP.

Video Notes
Shortcut information to enter is:
rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll, SetSuspendState

20 Comments on Windows XP TIP – Create a Suspend Shortcut

  1. Hey there pcwizkid as you know I run Windows XP your channel really inspires me and before my sound didnt work by when I used the Suspend me shortcut it got my sound back which really weird anyway thanks bro.

  2. it worked for me but i got windows vista 32 bit…

  3. Good Tutorial , thank you !

  4. whats supend mode or whatever plz reply

  5. is'nt hibernate the same as supend?

  6. C2aimar:

    The code is:

    "shutdown -h -t 120"

  7. Can you create a hibernate shortcut??
    if so, please reply, how???

    i`d really want it

    nice vid

  8. my computer doesn't go into standby, do you no why?

  9. Why not

    shutdown -s -t 00 ?

  10. This just made my mouse move EXTREMELY FAST HOLY CRAP

  11. hey, what's happening when i click on the "suspend button"?

  12. It is a Operating system – a Linux distribution which is free, an alternative to Windows or the Mac's OSX.

  13. i dont get it, what does this do?

  14. Sometimes I use Camstudioin XP, sometimes I use Camtasia in Vista @320×240 aprox.

  15. Awesome stuff, good to know it works foryou on Vista! Thanks for watching!

  16. Yeah, I did it too and I couldn't get it to turn back on, had to manually turn it off then on again :[

  17. Windows is easier to tweak than Ubuntu, but tweaking in general is fun I agree!

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