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34 Comments on Windows XP Tip – Create Shortcuts on Start Button (Right click Menu)

  1. Great video, Thanks. Very clear and well presented with good examples. Do you have a video on how to add apps to the right click – New, option. So this can be done in any folder. Eg right click, new , MSPaint file. This would be so convenient if it could be done. Thanks Again for your great tips.

  2. I'm sure that works but I'm too clunsy to use regedit LOL

  3. ill try in windows 7 i would put like download porn have sex and a bunch

  4. right clicking is extremely slow do you have any fixes for this?

  5. i Cant right click and i dont have a controllpannel any help pls!

  6. can you make Shortcuts on Start Button for windows 7

  7. Nice Trick!!! thanks!

  8. I am constantly learning new things on computers.This is one lesson that arrived in a most apropriate time for me. Thank You and keep up the good work.

  9. @PCWizKid where can i get this Cotumizations?

  10. @PCWizkid I just did this in Vista and it works

  11. i like you, but you sound like a HUGE nerd

  12. Does it work for Windows 7? lol

  13. @HunterTheMetalHead … why?

  14. Windows' Registry is like a cryptic ocean of piss. Anyone who can understand it should get a nobel prize.

  15. @PCWizKid where can i download this costumized button in the left corner or the whole theme? it looks pretty nice.

  16. @infinitypark003 That's easy, everyone knows that, just go to my youtube, then go to downitnow, your find it there some where,

  17. whats the theme called

  18. @EmuTime2 Oh, LOL, i only subbed here when i was in Windows. =D

  19. How did u make windows xp look like windows 7??

  20. why not just get object dock? only takes a few mb from ur RAM.

  21. You know, what i don't like about your videos and your manners, is that you managed to put Ubuntu and Windows, but you did not put Mac there.

  22. @Peetah16 This is what the dock is for… You don't need to do this. Just click on the thing in the dock. OSX is as good as Windows.

  23. What theme are you using in this video?

  24. on windows 7 theres the Desktop>> button on the taskbar and you can instantly open anything on the desktop through the menu

  25. awesome man thnx 😀

  26. Comand Prompts a nice one to have (when you right click a folder in a location & click it it changes the directory to the folder you are in)

    great tip 😀

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