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20 Comments on Windows XP Tips #1: Password Protect a Folder

  1. I made a my own batch locker for a folder!
    you can make a folder. unlocke a folder and lock a folder.
    thank you

  2. i can hide it and encrypt it. i just want to password it. and there is no code in the discription

  3. @eclair4151 i think so

  4. @Killuminatyi its .bat you cant open it with notepad

  5. wtf?! someone pls help what do i do if i locked the folder and when i start the file it says "do you want to lock the folder?" … i tried everything i cant get my files back >_< any way to do it?

  6. @KawaiyoKoji
    wtf >_< formatting cleans the hard drive completely… how do you "reformat" so that folders are unlocked but files are intact?

  7. Wow, anyone who knows how to right click and open with notepad can crack your password protected folder.

  8. @KawaiyoKoji thats what the fucking internet is for

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  10. what if i go to folder options and tick "show hidden files"

  11. how can we change the password again?
    please tell

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