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30 Comments on Windows XP Tips – Virtual Memory Tweak

  1. Mines says I have 512 mb, what do I set?
    512 initial
    512 max ??

  2. I did the same but it did not increased ?

  3. my default is 1344 in a V2000 compaq presario with Turion 64 and 1 giga chipset. Its that correct running XP?

  4. sp if i have 496mb times this buy 2

  5. thanks for making easy to follow

  6. Need to Know about Screen refresh Rate Options in Pc as well as in games ! 

  7. It came up system control panel applet what did I do wrong?

  8. My computer is always slow I don't get it why my computer is so slow any ideas.

  9. I have 896 MB RAM,what should i write?

  10. i have 4 gb of ram… and it limits it to 3.5 gb : and my graphics card is reeeally old and it's integrated >_<

  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH! this worked perfect 😀

  12. what should i type in i have 512 MB of RAM

  13. The scary thing is when I right click on my computer, nothing comes up.

  14. Thank you so much for this ad… I had a low virtual memory problem on my desktop… And I fixed it with your assistance through this video… Thank you again…

  15. What happens if you exceed the double virtual memory rule?

  16. Set it to 6480 MB

  17. The reason I use that much space is because I have 24,576 MB of RAM.

  18. I installed Norton 360 on my Virtual Windows XP and it really slowed down my virtual pc. I did the steps above and now it runs great. Thanks for the video and tips.

  19. I have 58170mg bites on top almost same as yours? is this will make you comp. fast?

  20. uhhm i got 3.24 GB of RAM what should i write? 🙁

  21. i have 504mb of ram what should i write

  22. i have 383mb ram what should i write?

  23. @SuperKidOx Type in 1024.

  24. I have 256 MB of RAM.. Rubbsh I know.. Whaat should I type in those boxes becauseI don't understand how to calc' it.

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