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Windows XP to Windows 8 Pro+ACTIVATE [Forever] Without a DVD/USB & for FREE!!

In this video I will show you ,How to Install Windows 8 pro for FREE!!…
NOTE:-This will also work for Windows 7.
Utorrent (Used to download the ISO Images):-

Windows 8 x64 + x86 (Including Activator):-

(Use download via magnet link)


24 Comments on Windows XP to Windows 8 Pro+ACTIVATE [Forever] Without a DVD/USB & for FREE!!

  1. How can i connect it to the wifi? Pls help me

  2. It says when i go to website "Removed by the request of copyright owner!" help pls

  3. can i keep my system files from drive C or any other drives
    after u install windows 8 why doesn't my computer shown on your desktop?

  4. how to download iso image

  5. I have missed think how to download that windows file

  6. Hey bro I got a problem
    When i press setup it says autorun.inf missing error
    Any help?!

  7. can i downlaod it without utorent ?

  8. Yep, I also have a setup error. Any advice would be welcome. thnx

  9. not DVD. you mean CD

  10. Sry bro ididnt say anything just uprgaded my pc like 3months ago TYTYTY

  11. hey dude i have a problem, when i run setup there's have error it say "setup.exe – Entry Point Not Found" , How can i fix? can u please Help me?

  12. For those who were able to download the Win 8 files, how long did it take? It's been a while now, and the status is still 0% on utorrent program. I am using the utorrent stable version rather than paying for the utorrent pro. thanks.

  13. work for my pc
    1.5 gb ram 3.20 g

  14. Working on Windows XP Professional with 512 MB RAM?

  15. pls help links are not working pls help.
    and do i reallly need to use utorrent to download iso file image?
    thank you.
    pls reply.

  16. My computer said there is spyware on here

  17. yo where the iso?

  18. I did not work for me:(

  19. links are not working. help me

  20. what about windows xp 32-bit version upgrade? 🙁

  21. Will this work if I have a windows seven

  22. One Question Where do you get the Windows 8 file from please i need help :C

  23. So i get no virus no troll polos up and it last forever

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