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Windows xp trick

A quick look at one of many tips, hints and tricks i will be posting in the near future. Subscribe to my channel to be kept in touch with new video’s i post. My next video will be how to tweak your ram by writing your own script. Sounds difficult but it’s not 😉 i try my best to keep my video’s as straight forward as possible

7 Comments on Windows xp trick

  1. I talk… like …. a…. robot. Take… me … to … your leader. 

  2. Yeah it's just a digital camera cause my laptop was garbage at the time

  3. r u recording with a cam?

  4. thats why i call it a "classic" at the start of the video…. way to pay attention 😉

  5. so old man, EVERYBODY knows that

  6. Correction does NOT work on youtube anymore

  7. Just too clarify so i dont get emails. to name something "nothing" HOLD down the "ALT" key and on the numeric keypad type 0160 then let go of "ALT" and press enter. It also works for posting on blogs or even here on youtube to post nothing for whatever reason you would want to 😛

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