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WINDOWS XP with 64MB of RAM: CRAZY GLITCHES!!! (VMware driver bug)


IMPORTANT: This glitch was caused by a bug with the VMware drivers for Windows XP. It normally works fine with 64mb of RAM.


❓ FAQ ❓

Can you do this on Windows [insert version here]?
Yes, but there is no interesting result.

Why does this not happen to me?
You need to use VMWARE for the glitch to work.


26 Comments on WINDOWS XP with 64MB of RAM: CRAZY GLITCHES!!! (VMware driver bug)

  1. After uploading this video, I found that this is a bug that only works on VMWARE with WINDOWS XP !
    Please do not comment that this video is fake, as I have put this in the title !

    Also, Thanks alot guys!
    This video has come such a far way, and it is still going! I uploaded this video when I had about 30 subscribers, and I'm now past two (now three) hundred! Now, the video has reached 40,000 (Now 80K) views, and it's still going up!

  2. 4:17
    The XD in the button.
    Windows thinks this is funny. 😀

  3. not working for me. im using vmware and 64mb of ram on windows xp

  4. Watching on Windows XP SP3 with 750 MB of RAM

  5. Windows XP, LSD edition

  6. before i upgrade my computer
    i just have 512 mb ram 🙁

  7. These Icons Looks Like Rotten Vegetables

  8. Watching this while installing windows 10 on a new PC

    Maybe the low byte of pixel and high byte of pixel were swapped (if using 16-bit color) to
    GGGBBBBB0RRRRRGG and maybe that is what causes this

  10. I run windows xp on 56Mb of ram, same as this video

  11. Não da com 64 MB ainda mais o seu PC ta sem lag

  12. Windows XP Horror Edition

  13. a e s t h e t i c v a p o r w a v e

  14. That's why Windows XP is the best.

  15. Ha-ha know get out 2 ram with 64mb from my old trash computer

  16. Used XP on 128MB of RAM back in the day.

  17. What is this music at Music number 2?

  18. "These icons look like rotten vegetables" LOL!

  19. Make windows 1.0 with 4 gb ram

  20. The admin's picture looks like a painting of a redcoat and a general.

  21. wow… I did a video showing exactly this as well and wondered where the whole traffic was coming from. Apparently people are looking up your video and found mine as well! 🙂

    So yes. I can confirm this is not fake. It happened to me as well, if you don't believe him just watch my video, it shows the same phenomenon.

  22. Windows xp: nightmare edition

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