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World of tanks blitz|| How to get more/fast XP!

Hello everyone! This is a simple video that will show you how to earn more xp every match in world of tanks blitz! If you have and tips and tricks or suggestions, tell me in the comments below!

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Intro music – Martin garrix animals
Outro music – Tobu canyland

World of tanks blitz is a truly wonderful game and I recommend it to all who…

50 Comments on World of tanks blitz|| How to get more/fast XP!

  1. "killerboy1655"

  2. My Team does Kamikaze without the explosion (also called "suicide")

  3. See that your playing animals

  4. Look at his ping in the bottom left

  5. oh damn that lag

  6. Just do more damage to get xp

  7. hi bro still play wotb?

  8. lol 64 bit pc lolloloololol quality 64 fps xd

  9. Dude a lot of damage = a lot of exp because if u get a lot of damage in battle you'll getting highcaliber, mastergunner (maybe) and sharpshooter (maybe) because I just had 4436 damage and the game gave me 4098 exp. I don't need salty comments this is my idea because more active u need to get exp


  11. dude thanks your epic which you a good life

  12. Very old video i lnow from map

  13. i think this is false: the fact that there is a penalty to damaging and destroying lower tier tanks. You gotta destroy all of them. His facts are useless and unhelpful. And you know why the is6 got more experience? He did more damage and got more kills than you, numbnut.

  14. Thank you it works but there is another tip and it is to capture the base and survive the and try to kill some enemies

  15. Good that i have 60fps

  16. 200 ping

    Nice shot!

  17. You sound like a Minecraft player

  18. The one i always use and works to add gold and credits is

  19. U should be able to trade tanks with tiers that are in the same as you and the tier under and over(-/+ 1)
    Lets say if im a tier 5 i can trade with tier 5, 6, 4.

  20. I miss the old maps and the 3 tier battles

  21. But I’m a tank that’s meant for sniping not spotting it’s not fast

  22. What I do when I can't penetrate the enemie Ian the distraction

  23. um he is wrong on his second point sniping and charging have no effect on exp, in fact charging in and taking damage takes away silver. Those two players only got more exp because they got kills, crits and probably bounced a few shots. so don't follow that one.

  24. When I record for wot blitz it is side ways on YouTube but straight in my photos. Why is that???

  25. Hey, thanks it helps me so much on my old account I hade got my First tier 7 tank! AMX 😀

  26. wat device u use to play its so laggy

  27. so his account is no longer active, was it deleted?

  28. Wow you're a rlly crap player XD

  29. So the way to grind is to cyka blyat rush headon? Mmm, that's why the russian have better tanjs

  30. Which one did you use to snipe

  31. to improve your videos edit out the waiting party and try not to hesitate in your speaking but the content was good so well done. I drooped a like to help out.

  32. i just need the stars in resurch i dont knowplease tell me 64 bit gamer

  33. Lol when my ping goes over 150 I say it's laggy XD

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