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XIAOMI Mi Band 2 Tips And Tricks!!!

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36 Comments on XIAOMI Mi Band 2 Tips And Tricks!!!

  1. When you have tatti microphone quality, why do you add such a loud BGM?

  2. More functions in mi 2

  3. If possible then follow me on Instagram….

  4. Music is too loud. U r not audible.

  5. background music is too high

  6. The music sucks so Bad

  7. Slow down the background music you freak

  8. that effing background music is so damn loud I can't hear a thing!

  9. watch with captions..funny af????????

  10. low ur music next time

  11. Agar background music na ho ya volume kashm ho to jyada samajh me aayega

  12. The background music volume should be lower than your voice

  13. Why the music? I want to hear what you have said!

  14. Switched off due to music

  15. Background music sucks

  16. porn background music

  17. it's on sale now! visit the website:

  18. Pl… Shut down the Music we unable to hear your voice….

  19. Stop the background sound

  20. Shittt loud music … Gadhe

  21. Jeez cut the music out

  22. Bhai kaha se kharida lls bta do

  23. what i cant hear you

  24. CAN HARDLY HEAR YOU BECAUSE MUSIC, i have not heard some of your conversation.

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  27. I used this application for music controlling in gym while using Mi band 2. it works great for me.

  28. which app for iOS ?

  29. The music in background is louder than your voice !

  30. I can't fix it i fix all what all said. I also fixed another MI Band 2 and mine is still not connected, im disperate. I also let my Band iside the fridge i searched for many tutorials, they're all fake. I can't ,just can't conect my MI Band 2 to Notify or MI Fit. Can it be fixed? Please respond. I'm so sad, i paid for this MI Band 2 and i can't connect or update it's firmware.

  31. Guys going through the Analytics of this video I found out that everyday more than 2k people watch this video but ky few take the time to subscribe.Pls guys help us in reaching the 1000 sub milestone before July ends.If this happens then I will definitely arrange for a give away(not a huge one)…

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