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Zwift Hacks

Thanks to Zwift for the products used in this video. All opinions are the presenter’s own.

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Here are some of our top hacks to use on Zwift when you’re doing your indoor training. Some simple, and others a little more in depth, they’ll be sure to transform your training and help you to get the most out of your workout.

Which is…

46 Comments on Zwift Hacks

  1. Which is your favourite Zwift hack? Think we've missed one? Let us know below ????

  2. How the fuck did I get a zwift ad

  3. Corrosive effect of anyone like Simon? What are you telling us? 😛

  4. How can i choose to ride the alp du Zwift?

  5. What turbo trainer are you using in this video?

  6. Bong and a blintz?

  7. You tools are so sponsored. Who the hell wants to type on a keyboard while riding on a trainer for a totally shitty program.

  8. How do I get the GCN style clothing on the IOS version?

  9. Alt + enter… go full screen ????????????

  10. What about using an Ebike plugged into the mains

  11. Man I miss Matt! Him and Emma will always be my favorites!

  12. So what is the line of code for your own world? Just above zwift at the bottom in the file you’ve opened you simple type in watopia, Richmond, or London?

  13. What about iPad users?

  14. How do you deal with the crappy apple 4k tv remote?
    Also how do you get your sessions from training peaks onto zwift?
    Lastly how do you have the smart trainer stick to your session interval power rather than the road gradient?

  15. Another Saturday with coffee and GCN!….Thank you!

  16. What bike is being used in this video? I can see that it is the canyon aeroad CF SLX but I am wondering about the coloring of the bike. I cannot seem to find this version on their website.

  17. Can you get the the promo prompted on a iPad as well?

  18. No "sticky bidon" at 5:50? Missed a trick there, lads (or at least, a semi-funny laboured in-joke).

    Also, in the GCN Zwift videos I've seen so far, you don't mention the most obvious "positive" – the absence of halfwits in SUVs with "baby on board" signs, who all seem to want to kill me. (Also… at 30km/hr, bumpy roads in real life are a pain in the scranus; on Zwift at 40km/hr, not so at all) .

    Now I have a dilemma: do I keep my "Wahooligan" strip (KickR, bitchez!) or go GCN-tard? It's a shame I can't have both, at least until there's an option that enables people to win an All Blacks strip

  19. Only if there was a zwift for mtb

  20. Can you Play This as child?

  21. why do yall have a steam machine?

  22. Get a bike thong.

  23. Could I use a mountain bike on one of these no wheel trainers?

  24. 140 lbs and 165 are close enough

  25. If you mess with your weight setting you're a knob…LOL…unfortunately there are plenty of knobs on Zwift..

  26. I put a towel over my entire bike

  27. New drone camera (option 0). Check Shane Miller's video.

  28. New Jungle expansion routes require level 10 or above but register for a group ride using that route and anybody can enter. I learned that upon achieving level 11. :-/

  29. Put the fan front left or right at 45 degrees for better cooling, hits a larger surface area.

  30. zwift will not open anyore after the world 1 2 3 hack any solutions for that?

  31. I always enjoy a vid w/you two in it… my kind of humor/clowning-around. 😀 Thanks – Cheers!

  32. My favorite Zwift hack? I use BKOOL…. On it you can Climb the col de tourmalet, Galibier. And Madeleine….on Zwift? None of those

  33. When you do a zwift ride and upload it to strava, does it count towards your weekly/yearly total kilometres ridden?
    And if you have a classic trainer rather than a smart trainer with changing resistance, what happens when you ride up a hill? Do you simply go slower for the same given power, meaning you have to use a bigger gear to simulate the higher required power output?

  34. Do you gus have a hack to reduce the vibration/noise from the trainer making contact with the floor? Not making a lot of friends in my apartment complex this winter ????

  35. There goes that Canyon frame warranty!

  36. The fan should be behind you to get extra watts. You want tailwind not headwind.

  37. Thank you so much!!! No more London or Richmond for me. Brilliant

  38. “Been on for 2 and half hours”… 5k ridden! Did you spend 2h 15min clipping in?

  39. I love how Matt said at 5:50 that he was riding already for 2.5 hours, Zwift timer says 13 min. Come on Matt, don't be THAT guy…

  40. If using a cheap turbo with a smaller maximum resistance, use the back brake to keep the cadence from rocketing on the sprints

  41. Hi GCN – I love Zwift and your hacks are great but there's one thing that I need to know that I'm sure you can help with. It would also make a great video & feature for GCN. How about you guys doing a Smart Trainer comparison but actually comparing power output on each trainer against the actual road on a proper bile using a calibrated power meter. We could then actually believe what the smart trainer is telling us??? This assumes of course that we all tell the truth about weight etc….

    I currently can generate around 350 Watts on my Tacx Vortex for an FTP but I have read comments that this trainer reads around 15% higher compared with others. If this is true I have know real Idea what power I'm generating compared with my fellow zwifers and therefore cannot compare W/Kg when riding – So we need GCNs help to clear any confusion. Smart trainer manufactures will have different design specifications and with all the variables can we really have a true level playing field?? I'm not sure we can. For instance, I know that the vortex only reads up to a 7% gradient after which it wont increase any resistance so after 7% it is no longer applicable on Zwift which is a shame for competing or comparison purposes. Knowing the accuracy of actual power generated and the accuracy of smart trainers would be extremely useful for us zwifters that don't have on the road power meters. Cadance is also another interesting one. I don't have a individual sensor but obviously the smart trainer uses cadance as a parameter to calculate power. I have to say on the vortex the cadance is somewhat suspect and does read weird sometimes – perhaps some explanation on how zwift calculates power and the variables we should be aware might also be a feature. Cheers guys – you are doing a great job!! Roger.

  42. Good video gents, informative and amusing. Thanks

  43. A new all time low for Geraint Thomas as his book is being used as a front wheel block!

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